Summer is Winding Down…

And along with that…our boys are going home to Ohio until Christmastime.  😦

I love having Jordan and Jon here, but the time goes by so quickly; before we know it, August is here, and it’s school time again.

We’ve had a really good summer, though. We were able to go to Tennessee and to Lookout Mountain, and then to the Omaha Zoo this past weekend. We also were able to see Isaac in TN, which was wonderful. There were lots of laughs and good food to eat and some quality time spent.

But alas, as summer ends, it’s back to busy season for me at work and school time for the kids and extra kids for Jeannie at home and…it’ll be Christmas before you can blink an eye.

We’re looking so forward to next summer, when we can go to Arizona and see Jeannie’s brother and nieces and spend a few weeks seeing this great United States of America: the Grand Canyon; Painted Desert; Mount Rushmore, Cadillac Ranch; and so much more.

It’ll be exciting, and a nice time away from the hustle and bustle of life.


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