Gearing Up For The State Fair

Jeannie and I are going through all of our music this evening in an effort to put together a few sets of stuff to share with the folks at the Missouri State Fair.

Wow…we have a LOT of music! 😀

We’ll be there all day; there are two slots that we have to fill, one in the morning and the other later afternoon. It should be a day of fun as we praise God through song.

Please pray for us; this is the beginning of several larger doors that are being opened for our ministry, and we must never forget that God is the One who will be glorified through our voices and testimonies.


2 Responses to Gearing Up For The State Fair

  1. Just a Thought says:

    I guess this is a closed subject for you guys, but since they sell beer at the state fair, why did you decide to sing there, but not some family reunion, where frankly you’d have a much better chance to actually show folks on a more personal level how God can change your life?

  2. sliceofhome says:

    Good insight on your part…here is what we did:

    We sang in the Southern Baptist tent at the State Fair, where the volunteers working handed out water and lemonade and evangelized the people walking by their tent during the Fair. We ministered to the Christians who were at the event and others who were there who may have needed the saving message of Jesus Christ. We reached out in a way that did not promote alcoholic beverages or anything similar.

    And…as an fyi…the other event was not a family reunion but a homecoming event for a town. 🙂

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