End of the Week Roundup

Well, we made it through the State Fair and my psychological tests for the ministry, praise God!

Those tests are enough to make a grown man cry, let me tell you. Some of the questions border on stupidity, and some are just so blatantly “in your face” that they smack of too many Ph.D.’s with way too much time on their hands. I almost found a few of them insulting and embarrassing.
So that step in the ministry process in now complete; I await word from the board to set up an appt. to meet with someone to discuss the results of those tests. Should be interesting. After that, I’ll be brought before the church to be recommended at charge conference next month.

Our weekend looks like this: our oldest daughter Briana will be in a beauty pageant this evening in Ethel (we’ll be there, of course), and then tomorrow it’s off to Columbia for another Lay Missioner’s class. Sunday it’s church, and then the work week begins again.

I am thankful for a three day weekend after next week! Woohoo!

Man, we sure need the rest. We might even go catfishing at night.


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