Mid-Week Update

No, I haven’t died and went to be with the Father in Heaven, even though there are probably those out there who are wishing that I would…LOL. Things are just busy here, as always, and in between breaths I manage to sleep a few hours and then go to work.

Turned in my column for the local paper here today; it’s rather interesting and is a compilation of two different subjects that I’ve sorta meshed into one. I’ll post it Friday when it hits the Linn County Leader.

I’ve recently been asked to help fill the pulpit at First Christian Church here in Marceline. The pastor turned in his resignation a few weeks back. Please pray for this church, as well as the other churches that are seeking shepherds for their flocks. We need good Godly leaders to fill these spiritual positions of importance.

Also, pray for me as I continue on the path as a ministry candidate. The deeper I get, the more I see that what the Church in general needs is a great Revival; one that will reach to the uttermost ends of the earth. People need Jesus, and this is against what the world teaches. I feel in the very depths of my heart and soul that the time is drawing near when Jesus will return for His Bride…and we need to get the people ready for that joyous day.

I am also very glad that this weekend is Labor Day, and also the Great Pershing Ballooon Derby in Brookfield. The weather looks wonderful for this event, and we are planning a weekend fishing excursion to have some relaxing time together.

Key words: Linn County Leader, Great Pershing Balloon Derby, Labor Day, second coming of Jesus, weekend fishing.


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