Those Days of Summer…

September 29, 2006

are fading fast. Cooler weather has filtered into the northern Missouri area, with daytime highs only reaching the 70’s and the evenings into the upper 40’s.

Already, I am missing summer. The heat can be unbearable at times when it’s a scorcher, but the wonderful sounds of cicadas buzzing, and katydids with their insect violins making a disjointed symphony, are precious…as well as the vivid greens and vibrant purples and yellows of flowers splashing their hues on God’s canvas of the world.

Those are things that take your breath away, and make one thankful to be living on this beautiful planet…even though there are major problems with wars and famine and suffering and a multitude of issues…there is still God. He is seen in the multi-colored splendor of a dawning summer morning as the rays shoot across the sky; He is heard in the clap of thunder late at night; He is felt in the wind’s whisper that caresses our faces on a calm spring morning…And He is always there with us…if we allow Him to be.

Thank you, God. For being You.


My wife FINALLY has a blog!

September 28, 2006

After many months of gently coaxing her into the 21st century of online journaling, Jeannie has finally bit the bullet and launched her own blog…you can read her first post here.

Yeah, I know it’s sappy…but that’s one of the reasons I love her so much…because she is such a romantic at heart. 🙂

I love you, my angel.

One of THOSE Days…

September 27, 2006

I am so very glad that the day is almost over; it’s been a very long one.

Book season is almost over here at my job and we’re starting to wind down now; but home life is getting busier and more complicated with the ministry starting to pick up speed for Jeannie and I. It seems that we are pretty much running around every night of the week…and I don’t see it getting any calmer in the near future.

But, as I’ve said before, I am glad that the Lord is using us in this way, so that others can be reached for Jesus Christ. That is the sole purpose of my every waking moment now; I want to live, breathe, sleep and work towards the prize of the high calling in Christ.

For 26 years, I lived on this earth pleasing no one but myself, and hurting a lot of people in the process. My life was based on the “New Trinity”–me, myself, and I. And God was patient with me; He knew that one day I would cry out to Him and give my entire life to serving the Lord.

Have I struggled in the past 17 years? Sure. No Christian could be honest and say that there aren’t still trials and tribulations to face; yet we know that through prayer and faith in Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior, things will turn out ok. Maybe not the way that we want them to…but the way GOD wants them to is for the best, after all.

So, even though the day seems to be ho-hum and boring and lacking excitement…I know that there is a might work still to be done in God’s Kingdom as Jeannie and I do our best to reach out to those who are the last; the lost; and the least.

What an exciting adventure that is to come! 🙂

Key words: New Trinity, God’s Kingdom, Christians, trials, tribulations, Jesus Christ.

Decisions, Decisions…

September 26, 2006

This week is going to be one of prayer and fasting and really having some good long talks with God about the future that He has placed before me for the ministry.

You see, I have been approached about becoming the pastor at a local church around the area; this could be the beginning of full-time ministry for Jeannie and I. The church had undergone some pretty devastating things in the past and they need some Godly healing, and they need to hear the Word proclaimed from the pulpit. I pray that God would continue to use me as a willing and open vessel for Him, and that the focus would be entirely upon reaching lost souls for Christ and the building of His Kingdom here on earth.

So, the offer is there; and I need prayer. Prayer from my family, my church family, my friends, and those of you out there in blogland who read this Net haven regularly. Please pray that God will reveal to me the direction he would have me to go in the ministry.

I am excited; apprehensive; and humbled all at the same time.

We’ll see what mighty work God does in this situation.   🙂

Weekend Reflections…

September 19, 2006

So here’s my take on what has happened this past weekend:

  • Saturday was interesting. Jeannie and I got to spend some time together and also relax, which doesn’t happen a whole lot. Our lives are extremely busy. It was nice for a change. Finished studying up for the sermon on Sunday.
  • Sunday was a blessing. Jeannie and I sang at our home church, Trinity UMC, at the 8AM service, and then came over to Marceline where I spoke at First Christian Church. They have recently lost their pastor, so they are relying on lay speakers and pulpit supply to help fill the void. The message was from the 3rd chapter of Ecclesiastes, where Solomon speaks of a “time for everything.” Indeed, the church there is going through a time of seeking God’s face as they journey into the next “season” of growth in the Lord. It will be interesting to see how it all comes together in God’s time. They’ve already asked me back to preach in the near future.

All in all, it was an interesting, and rushed weekend.

This upcoming week looks like more of the same stuff–Thursday we travel to K.C. so I can meet with the Conference-appointed psychologist; Saturday it’s back to Columbia for another class (this one on Boundaries training); and then Sunday evening it’s our Charge Conference at church. In between then I have to read up on a paper for the training and write a one-page summary of my feelings on it. Woohoo.  🙂


September 19, 2006

International Talk Like A Pirate Day-September 19th

Tis time again, mateys!

Saturday Evening Prep…

September 16, 2006

Getting prayed up and studied up for the message tomorrow morning at First Christian Church in Marceline; God’s really stocking me with some good stuff…too much to actually go into one sermon, so…looks like some extra for another day.

It’s amazing how God can really bless with a healing and thoughtful sermon when things seem to be down for a fellow brother or sister in Christ. I am thankful that God has given me the opportunity to preach His Word; I pray that I will always be an open and (most of all) willing servant for His people.

Whatever season may come in our lives. (That’s what the sermon is about tomorrow)

An update on the ministry process through the Missouri Conference: I go to meet with a Dr. Roy Davis in Kansas City this upcoming Thursday to discuss the results of my psychological tests. LOL. Here’s hoping he doesn’t get too confused by my personality quirks (my wife would call it my multiple personality disorder).  🙂  This upcoming Sunday is charge conference at our home church, where I’ll be officially presented as a candidate for ministry to the church body.
Things are beginning to resemble a sense of order in the Davis household here; hopefully in a few more weeks we’ll be able to actually organize things. Well, sort of, anyways.