A Beautiful View From Above…

Jeannie and I were honored and privileged to ride in one of the hot-air balloons this year at the 30th annual Great Pershing Balloon Derby. Our humble thanks go out to the balloonists at A Bright Idea: Ken, our humorous and knowledgeable pilot; Bonnie, his girlfriend and chase crew member; Dawn, and our two local gentlemen who provided the lay of the land.

Riding in a balloon gives one a sense of the awesome power and majesty of our living God; the solemn quiet punctuated only by the occasional thrust of the propane burner was a nice reminder in this hustle and bustle life we live on the ground.

Here’s a few of the pics we took from the digital camera from 2,000 feet and lower:

Surrounding countryside of Brookfield, MO at takeoff

Brookfield reservoirs

Highway 11 looking west toward town

Aerial view of Brookfield from around 2,000 feet

John “The Cable Guy” Bagley’s work tower

The old Brookfield R-3 High School on North Main Street

The new Brookfield R-3 School complex on Highway 36

God is indeed good! Hope you enjoy!Keywords: Bright Ideas, Great Pershing Balloon Derby, power of God.

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