OK…enough e-mails about the blog…

LOL…I know it’s been like…forever…since I wrote a post. And I do appreciate the e-mails wondering where the heck I’ve been. All I can say is one word: BUSY.

This is our busy season here at work at D-Books Publishing; and with three of us in the office doing the layout and design and captioning and etc., it makes for a LONG four to five months. And at home, we’ve been running everywhere, with Kelsey’s cheerleading practices, Briana in her beauty pageant, me with my seminary classes…it seems like the time has just gotten away from me. So, my apologies. I’ll try and post every day again.

Last weekend Jeannie and I were honored to sing at the community-wide church services in Laclede; our friend and pastor of First Baptist in Laclede, Ron McPherson, asked us if we would be willing to have some special music. And of course we said yes, because it’s another opportunity to share in the gifts that God has given us. That afternoon we went to our cousin’s (on Jeannie’s side) baptism at John Mendenhall’s place. Chris Maher, along with a bunch of other new believers, were ceremoniously dunked in the pond out back.

This weekend is once again busy with Jeannie and I singing at our home church on Sunday morning, then I go to preach at First Christian Church in Marceline at 10AM. The topic of the message is from Ecclesiastes 3; the title is “A Season for Everything.”

So, that’s it in a nutshell…more later after work as I try to recuperate.


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