Those Days of Summer…

are fading fast. Cooler weather has filtered into the northern Missouri area, with daytime highs only reaching the 70’s and the evenings into the upper 40’s.

Already, I am missing summer. The heat can be unbearable at times when it’s a scorcher, but the wonderful sounds of cicadas buzzing, and katydids with their insect violins making a disjointed symphony, are precious…as well as the vivid greens and vibrant purples and yellows of flowers splashing their hues on God’s canvas of the world.

Those are things that take your breath away, and make one thankful to be living on this beautiful planet…even though there are major problems with wars and famine and suffering and a multitude of issues…there is still God. He is seen in the multi-colored splendor of a dawning summer morning as the rays shoot across the sky; He is heard in the clap of thunder late at night; He is felt in the wind’s whisper that caresses our faces on a calm spring morning…And He is always there with us…if we allow Him to be.

Thank you, God. For being You.


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