Wired-Up, Not Fired-Up For Society

A great article about the declining trend of face-to-face personal relationships, and the upswing in Net-related “wired” user communities is found on CNN

I found it fascinating, because I can see how much influence the Internet is ahving on everyday lives in the world today. Yes, we are becoming a worldwide instant-on society…at least,  we portray that online. Yet we’re losing the intimacy of one-on-one communication, and creeping towards isolationism.

Just another avenue for satan to wedge his furry foot in, and take our focus and minds off of God.

Your thoughts?


2 Responses to Wired-Up, Not Fired-Up For Society

  1. Just a Thought says:

    The internet, including blogs like yours, provides ways for God’s goodness to be spread to all corners of the earth–places we’ll never visit, maybe never even heard of. Why do you have to focus on the negative? As a Christian you should know that God provides for us in abundance, and you should be spreading the “good news” of Christ and not spreading worries about Satan. The internet is a powerful tool. Use it to do God’s work.

  2. sliceofhome says:

    God’s work is the most important work that I strive to do daily…to me, God is the first and foremost, even before anyone else. The Gospel of Jesus Christ has to be (not just needs to be) spread across the globe, and this column is only one means. However, that being said, people also need to be informed of the evils in today’s world, lest they fall into diverse temptations and struggles. We can look at the good in today’s world all we want, and gloss things over to be nice and pretty…but satan is still alive and working his mess with the human flesh.

    Should we be informed? YES. Should we see evil for what it is? YES. Should we always be on our guard against the wiles of the enemy? YES. Should we just think everything is peachy keen and live life without putting on the armor of God every day?


    I have seen the evil that satan does…and I also know that as Christians…we need to be just aware of him just as he is aware of us.

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