God Is Good, Even In The Midst Of Turmoil

Someone the other day mentioned to me that I tend to focus on the negative all of the time and not use this column to spread God’s message; to which I replied, “Huh?!”

Anyone who knows me can attest to the fact that I always put God first and foremost in my lfie; He is my all and I tell everyone about what the Lord has done in my life wherever I go and wherever I write…whether it be in the Linn County Leader in my monthly columns, or being out in public; or in Wal-Mart; or in church; or even guest preaching at a local church. You name the place, and God’s Name is praised and adored from these humble lips.

And’s that’s how I live my life–giving honor and glory to Him. You know, it’s not about me; it’s all about Jesus. It’s my prayer that others see that. There’s no one or nothing else that I would rather talk about than God.

Yet, there can be those times, however, when we need to be aware and on watch for the enemy, and realize just how savvy and cunning he can be. He wants nothing more than to pounce on us when we drop our guard and don’t have the full armor of God clothing us. When we aren’t prayed up, studied up (in God’s Word), and filled up with the Holy Spirit…well, we are just asking for trouble.

So, as Christians, we need to pray; and pray more; and then pray some more. Effectively, fervently; and worshipfully, really seeking God’s Face. We need to delve into God’s Word like it was the best meat-and-potatoes meal we’ll ever sit down to, and really DIGEST what God is telling us. And, finally, we need to empty ourselves of US and ask the Holy Spirit to fill us to overflowing.

With our spiritual eyes and ears and minds open…it’s only then that we’ll be prepared for battle; and as we stand on God’s side of this vast war, we’ll be able to wade in to the fray like those spiritual warriors He commands us to be.


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