Finally The Weekend!

Wow. It’s been a loooooooong week at work. Glad it’s almost the end of the year for our book season. Been a rough one.

Went out last night with the family and Mom over to Applebee’s in Chillicothe; she took me out for my birthday and we went to celebrate. Jeannie got me a really cool sterling silver fortune cookie with a wonderful message inside (and no, I will NOT share it with you…LOL). Kelsey gave me some homemade birthday cards that were great, and MOm gave me the customary card with money inside (because she knows that I can spend it on things I want or need).

For today….laundry to do, and then Jeannie’s annual “let’s change the house around” gala for the Thanksgiving/Christmas season. Woohoo! Joy, joy. LOL.

Then, tomorrow, we are going out of town to visit a pastor friend of ours at the church where she serves (we haven’t told her we’re coming…gonna drop in as a surprise) and generally just chill out.

Should be fun. Except for the house rearranging, that is.  🙂


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