Lots of things on the ballot here in MO today; the most important, IMHO, is Amendment 2, the Stem Cell Initiative.

Read the fine print of this amendment…it WILL allow for the cloning of fetuses (or, as they call them, blastocytes), but not in-utero. However, mass production outside of a mother’s womb will be allowed. And all of these human lives will be killed for the harvesting of stem cells.

When do we determine the beginning of human life? We can’t, only God can. Nevertheless, at the moment of conception, a new life has begun. And this new life is most certainly one that God knows about.

We need to let the business of creating life be God’s business, and His business alone.

Go to the polls today and let your voices be heard!


2 Responses to VOTE!

  1. kimberlie says:

    I know your heart for this situation. But it kills me to see so many “republicans” or upstanding Christians who say they are pro-life, but dont stand for everything that is pro-life. They want to help perserve the life of those who cant choose for themselves, but seem to forget about those who can (or at least have the ability to).

    I truly believe to be pro-life is to be for welfare, letting those who need those resources use them. These people honestly need it to stay alive…to support themselves and their families, who are we to take away the money that is there to help them. I also believe it also means being anti-war. In my short 21 years and 3 years at a Bible College I still havent found scripture where Jesus says “Yea, you’re the stronger nation, go kick their ass!” I also think us as Christians especilly need to get in gear and become humble servants for our Lord. Not only do we need to help provide the means of life for other people (food, someplace to life) but we need to be sharing the saving Grace of our Father. That truly is being pro-life.

  2. sliceofhome says:

    I could not have said any better words about the situation than that, Kim. 🙂 Keep on with that kind of attitude and God will bless your ministry!!

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