Living In A World Where God Isn’t First

That header may sound harsh; but just take a look around, folks.

The world is a cesspool of bad news, mediacentric soundbites, and selfishness; we want to be “number one” in our lives and will try anything, buy anything, or do anything to get there. We live for those 30 second “burps” of news that flash on our local media outlets and leave us anxious for more. We gasp in horror at the news that 1% of the Internet is now pornographic in nature, but we dismiss that as a part of life because of the smut already engulfing us from all sides, blunting our ability to distinguish between the ever-blurring lines of right and wrong.

Face it, my friends. The world around us is a far cry from the era of the 50’s-80’s.  Gone are the days of naive thoughts and wholesomeness; instead, meet the “me, myself, and I” generation. A time to “find your innermost child,” or join a religion founded by a science fiction writer, or “expose yourself to new ways of enlightenment, or…

Get the drift? Where is God in all of this? Sadly, He is slowly being taken out of our schools, our government, and our lives…and He is being replaced by: absolutely nothing but emptiness.

God deserves more from us. The Lord wants us to put Him first in our lives; our hearts; our minds; and our souls and bodies. He wants ALL of us; not just a part that we selfishly want to give. When we do that, it doesn’t glorify God…it glorifies ourselves.

Or that’s what we would like to think, anyway.

Living in a world like this one is hard, especially as Christians. Sure, we all want nice things and stuff…but at what price? Our very souls? The Bible says that we cannot serve both God and mammon (or man). We can’t live high on the hog every time we want something, and think our behavior is justified. We have to take a stand and speak out on certain issues that offend Christians, if we profess to be followers of Christ.

Ever since I have been placed into the ministry by God, I have unfortunately seen this more and more: and that is the downgrading of society and the moral decay of man. And it all seems to stem from one source: taking God out of our lives.

The question that comes to mind is a challenging one–should we isolate ourselves from the world and focus on God? And as I think about it more and more, I believe God would tell us that the latter is correct; we HAVE to focus our entire selves on God, but we can still live in this world. Not IN it as wallowing in the pig pen of sin and unrighteousness, but in it because we live on this earth. We don’t have to conform to society; but we CAN and WILL be transformed as long as we renew our minds in Christ Jesus daily.

And that is putting God first in our lives.


One Response to Living In A World Where God Isn’t First

  1. storbakken says:

    rather serve God over riches (mammon) any day. God bless.

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