The Lord’s Supper – A True Thanksgiving

This is the subject that I will be speaking about at the 10AM service at First Christian Church in Marceline this upcoming Sunday. The Lord has been really working on me about this, and how to explain the true meaning of Communion; not just the ritualistic side of things.

I think that, too often, we partake of this sacrament without the full realization of what it actually means…we do not go into it with humble hearts and lives and with our arms outstretched saying, “Lord, forgive me…for I am a sinner.” We forget the very precious symbolism that Christ gave when He said, “Take it…this is my Body which was broken for you…do this is remembrance of Me” and “This is My Blood which is the cup of the new covenant…take and drink it all. Do this in remembrance of Me.”

Such solemn, and yet, life-changing Words. Spoken from our Lord and Savior.

And, during this time of year, theya re even more appropriate as we look to Thanksgiving later on next week…yes, we need to be ever thankful for Jesus, and the Cross at Calvary. Without Him and the sacrifice that he gave that day, we couldn’t be thankful for anything. We would be lost and dying in this world, doomed to an eternal hell of separation between us, and God. There would be no salvation; no respite; no hope for everlasting life in Heaven.

Yes, Thanksgiving means giving thanks. For family, for friends, for a church home, for food to eat and a place to rest our weary bodies at night, and for a roof over our heads…and to me, most of all, it means to be thankful for Jesus.

And for the Lord’s Supper.

And for the Truth.

Pray for me as I share this Truth on Sunday morning.


One Response to The Lord’s Supper – A True Thanksgiving

  1. Rick Hoelzer says:

    Thank you for your thoughtful (and Thankful!) words. They have helped guide me as I prepare for this morning’s worship in the spirit of Thanksgiving.


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