Knowing The Mind Of God, Part 1.

A very interesting article from about Professor Stephen Hawking’s notion that man must colonize beyond the earth in order for our human race to survive.

Makes for a thoughtful read; the only issue I had was where he was quoted from his bestselling book, “A Brief History of Time”…in it he said that we would one day “know the mind of God” when we unlock the basic set of laws that govern the universe.

Know the mind of God? Hardly. God’s mind is so vast, so complex, and so infinite that we can’t even begin to think that we would know one iota of why He does things in a certain way; or we could even brag out loud that we could imitate the power and might of God’s creation. When the talk turns in this direction, it’s frightening.

Professor Hawking–please let God be God. Don’t try to out-theorize or out-think Him. All that will do is cause you to wonder about things even more. No one…I repeat…NO ONE…can ever know the mind of God.

Except God.

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