The Not-So-Pretty View From Windows Vista

Over five years and millions of dollars in the making…that is the software previously known as Longhorn and which now goes by the generic and off-kilter moniker of Vista.

Many features of Vista borrow heavily from Mac OS X, including a more pleasing user interface and integration of graphics rendering into software via the CPU. This has been an area that Apple has excelled at and where Microsoft lags far behind. Even with their Direct X, Bill Gates and Company seem to have a long way to go to catch up.

And, Windows Vista faces an uphill battle with security, and OS updating. Apple has done a brilliant job in keeping OS X polished and tight with security, rolling out FOUR updates of their flagship OS X since its introduction. Microsoft, on the other hand, has hit bottom with no new updates except for those pitiful security patches to fix numerous and gaping holes in Windows XP.

The clear winner in the OS wars is Apple, by far. And with their new line of Macs with the Core Duo chip now dual bootable (into OS X AND Windows XP) it will only be a matter of time until their market share rivals that of Microsoft.

Mr. Gates…do us all a favor and cash in your stock and go home and play some tunes on your iPod, while downloading your mail on your new Mac. That would be the sensible, and right, thing to do.

And you might even become a Mac convert!

Well….we can always wish, can’t we?  🙂


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