Zero-Day Exploit Found in Microsoft Office

December 8, 2006

Another day, another flaw found in a Microsoft program.

Go figure.

Here’s the latest from the corporate website.

Interesting to note: this flaw could potentially be sent embedded into a Word document attached to an e-mail; and it affects ALL versions of Office, including Office for Mac.

Be warned.


Waiting On God…

December 8, 2006

Sometimes being patient and praying to God for a certain situation or circumstance can be maddening; frustrating; and never-ending. I know that, in my life, I sometimes rush ahead of the Lord and want to do things right away. I justify this by saying, “Lord, I just KNOW it’s what you want me to do, so I’ll go ahead and do it and then wait for the blessings!”

And then, when I fall flat on my face, I look up to the heavens in puzzlement and ask, “Why, God? Why did you allow me to be disappointed and hurt like this?” And as an answer, a still, small voice rebukes me gently…”My child, why did you not wait for My timing? Why did you rush ahead without thinking? Or praying diligently about it?”

Have you ever been there? Done that? Got the t-shirt that says, in bold letters, Too busy to wait on God? I think we can all honestly admit to being impatient with God sometimes.

You see, He alone knows what’s best for us. We can be our own worst enemies many times; we go forth into a situation without being prayed up and with blinders on, and do the proverbial “crash and burn.” We get up, incredulous and disgusted and the first thing we do is point our finger of blame at anyone but ourselves. And, most of the time, we try to blame God.

God understands the multitude of things that surround our lives today, and how difficult and complicated our lives can be. And, He also knows that we should put our entire trust and faith in Him in order for those things to work out according to His will. Not our will–but HIS. Yes, we should do that; we NEED to do that. Yet, being in this human flesh, we try to make our lives right the way we want them to be; we don’t need help from anyone else.

My friends, how wrong we are to assume this! God tells us that He alone will supply us our needs according to His riches in glory; He tells us to pray fervently; He tells us to cast our cares upon Him, because He cares for us. Over and over in the Holy Scriptures He lets us know that He will supply us with everything we need (not want)…if we just put our lives into His Hands.


I think about how good God has been to me; how He has blessed me so much. And yes, I still fall down and have to get up and dust myself up when I mistakenly put myself ahead of God…but I know that, more and more, as long as I continue to walk on the path that leads to His righteousness and trust more and more in His Love, Goodness, Grace and Mercy…that He will show me that He comes, first, my family and others come second, and that I come third.

The lesson that I’ve learned? By loving and trusting in and WAITING on God…well, the waiting on Him isn’t so bad after all. 🙂