Because Of God’s Love

I am surprised by the number of people who ask me why I write, or talk, about God so much. Believe it or not, some of these comments actually come from Christians! When posed with this question, I say these four words:

“Because of God’s Love.”

That sums up this servant’s life story in a nice little package.

  • Because of His Love, I am not dead…even after a horrific head-on automobile accident that took the life of another man who was driving under the influence and had fallen asleep at the wheel at 8AM on a spring morning in 1989.
  • Because of God’s Love, He set me free from a life of drug and alcohol abuse, including two stints in a rehab center in Florida.
  • Because of the Lord’s Love, I am no longer homeless, living on the streets of Orlando, FL, and diving in dumpsters to eat and sleeping on stoops and porches and underneath overpasses.
  • Because of God’s Love, I am forgiven of my multitude of sins.

THAT’S why I speak about my Father in Heaven, my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and my Comforter the Holy Spirit all the time. As Ray Boltz says so aptly, “There is no greater thing to speak about.”

Having this attitude has sometimes alienated me from people; they take my “no-holds-barred-for-Jesus” stand as being holier-than-thou…and it’s just the exact opposite. For you see, God comes first in my life–before my wife, my children, my family, or myself…before ANYTHING. It’s not about me or what I can get out of life anymore; it’s all about Jesus and sharing the wonderful message of His Love, Grace, and Mercy with others. That’s not being holier-than-thou; it’s more like being more-humble-than-I-want-to-be-but-I-have-to-be-for-Jesus.

Yes, I’m still learning with Him; still growing in Him; and still being perfected in His Image. I know that I’ll never be perfect on this earth; but I can try my absolute best to be more and more like Jesus each and every day, and to emulate what He came to teach us, so that I can be the kind of Christ-like example for my wife, for my children, and for others.

And I do all of this…because of God’s Love.


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