The Nativity Story

My mind keeps going back to this movie that we went to see a few weeks back; it’s nice to reflect upon some of the vivid imagery that the filmmakers chose to focus upon during the events leading up to the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Perhaps the one thing that touched my heart the most was the manger scene when Christ first graced us with His Presence here on earth; the single beam of light that shone down on Joseph and Mary as they silently watched the Baby in awe struck a chord with me. I not only FELT the moment; I was literally moved to tears. Most of those were joyful tears; yet, there was a part of me that was saddened as the realization struck home in my heart that there were millions of those throughout history (including today) who just couldn’t (or wouldn’t) understand what this Birth meant to mankind.

Jesus came into this world to free us from sin and death; Jesus came into this world to give us the free gift of salvation and eternal life with Him; most of all, Jesus came into this world to give us Hope…that we would no longer be captive to those things which have bound us in these fleshly bodies, but that we would be given freedom through Him to live a life of servanthood and forgiveness for others. What a wonderful Gift that was given!

Those rays of light that illuminated the evening sky so long ago shone down upon us so that we could, at last, truly see…not only with physical eyes, but with our spiritual ones as well. The Birth of Christ gave us the vision of a way out of the darkness that surrounds our lives; the prophecies of old lit the paths of our lives with a bright future with Jesus as our Cornerstone; our high calling.

As I remember the day of my salvation through Jesus, I can smile. And remember that glorious Birth over 2,000 years ago that brought new life to me, and to so many others.

Thank You, God. For the beautiful Gift of Your Son.


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