Ever Had Writer’s Block?

Been going through that lately….thank God I’ve got a week off from work (starting December 23rd) to kinda recharge from everything. Won’t have to go back until January 2nd.

It’s gonna be nice. Seems like it’s just getting harder and harder to write in my blog, and keep up with my Leader column every month, and write creatively, etc.

I’m praying that will change mightily for the New Year!


One Response to Ever Had Writer’s Block?

  1. Wifey says:

    Yes honey, I know the feeling. I am a little overwhelmed with things to do before we leave TOMORROW yes I said TOMORROW to get the boys. A house to clean, presents to wrap, presents to buy, laundry to do, bag to pack…..oh yes and write in my blog. I am starting to wonder if I even have a blog. I haven’t visited it this week. Hopefully we can both recharge this next week and get back into the swing of things. ILY

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