Looking Forward To Christ’s Birthday…

It will be nice to have the boys here for Christmas; even though it’s a long way to go and get them, it’s worth every single mile we have to drive.

To be able to celebrate the Birth of the Christ Child as a follower of Jesus is one of the most joyous, and reflective, events that I look forward to every year. It gives us a chance to really THINK about the awesome price that God had to pay to send His Son to earth for our redemption. It helps us to focus on Jesus as a Baby; wholly God and also wholly man. Wow.

Makes a person realize just how insignificant we are in the grand scheme of things (even though we think we’re right up there with God sometimes) and yet…how much God truly wants to have a loving relationship with us, even through our sinful nature. He made us; He cherishes us; and He loves us unconditionally.  🙂

So, to each and every one of my family and friends this Christmas:

  • May you have the joy of the Lord, which is our strength.
  • May you find wonder and awe as you reflect on that Babe in a manger who is Christ, the Lord.
  • And may you have joy in your heart as you celebrate His Birth…a Birth which opened the door to our salvation, and eternity with the Father.

God bless you richly!


One Response to Looking Forward To Christ’s Birthday…

  1. kimberlie says:

    ill see you tomorrow!
    yay for dirty santa at g-ma’s

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