Welcome to 2007

Today heralds another new year; one of a continued bloodbath in Iraq, continued global temperatures on the rise, and a general apathetic view of what is in store for our future here on the shiny blue marble known as Earth.

As always, I try to make some predictions each year on what we might expect to see in terms of newsworthy events in the north Missouri area. So, without further babbling, here’s the list:

  • There will be a major earthquake along the New Madrid fault line that will affect an area (including north MO) of around 650 miles. Casualties will be kept at a minimum since it will hit during the evening.
  • The Missouri drought conditions will finally break, with substantial snows during February-April 2007 and flooding rainfall in the late summer/early fall.
  • A scandal will rock the upper eschelon’s of our state’s government, causing several abrupt resignations and fodder for news organizations for months.
  • Tornado season will be a deadly one, with two metropolitan areas in our state being targeted by nature’s fury.

Your outlook?

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