Random Notes

Well, thank the Lord that Jeannie, her mom, and Kelsey got back ok on Saturday evening after a brief scare from wayward deer near Hannibal. Seems that a few of them tried to cross U.S. 36 right at the Missouri River bridge while traffic whizzed by at 70mph. God provided Jeannie great reflexes in missing them, but…the person in the other lane behind her might’ve not been so blessed.

Besides that event, the drive out there and back was pretty much long and tiring (as it always is). The boys were sad to go back, but they’ll be here again by summer, as will our nieces Falesha and Angelica from Arizona. The Davis household will be pretty filled up!

Pastor Mike asked me on Sunday if I could also do the Ash Wednesday services, since he’ll be gone with a group to the Holy Land for a visit. I’m also blessed to be able to preach at our home church (Trinity UMC in Brookfield) on the First Sunday of Lent worship services (February 25th).

Jeannie starts home-schooling Kelsey today, and we have our last foster parenting class this evening. Our final in-home assessment is this upcoming Saturday. We’re excited about all of this news in our lives! God is truly blessing our home and our ministry.


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