Believe The Hype – It’s Keynote Time At MacWorld Conference & Expo

Today marks another Steve Jobs keynote addy at MacWorld in San Francisco.

Speculation centers on several things, including a possible Apple cell phone with iPod capabilities, and news of iLife 07 and more details on iTV, a set-top box with computer-to-tv video transmission.

My guesses? Here they are in no particular order:

  • The Apple iPhone. Even though the name iPhone is taken, they can still use Apple in front of it with no trademark infringements. This phone will have service co-branded by Cingular and will come in 4GB and 8GB models. The design will be very similiar to the iPod Nano, and come in the same colors. The wheel will be a dominant feature of the phone with a slide out keypad to make calls. The phone’s will feature a unique 2-battery configuration to keep power resources separate; the phone will also be able to charge via USB port on your computer, and will connect wirelessly to the iTunes Store to download music directly to the phone on-the-fly.
  • Leopard OS 10.5 will be shown, with Jobs making several pitches touting its new and enhanced features, including Time Machine, a “go-back and restore” software. He’ll also include as a dig on Microsoft the OS’s plug-and-play compatibility with the new Vista OS when it comes to networking and dual-bootable capabilities.
  • iLife ’07. There will be a new feature called Spreadsheets, similiar to Excel. It will also have the feature of saving files in the Excel format for Word users.
  • iTV. ALL the details of this home networking device will be revealed, including PC and Mac compatibility. The ability to stream live tv and recorded programs to your computer wirelessly will be the next big thing in home entertainment.
  • The new redesigned iMac with dual Intel Core Duo chips. Better, faster, stronger. And more expensive. Case thickness is decreased even more.
  • Finally…the new iPod video, with a full-screen interface featuring a virtual touch wheel. Wireless connectivity to your home PC or Mac for instant transfer of song or video files, or for connection to the iTunes Store.

Your predictions?


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