Dropping In from Cyberspace…

Will wonders never cease! The Internet is a totally amazing place; in the past few months I have heard from old friends and family and even the daughter of one of my old co-workers… a man who always talked to me about Jesus even though I was strung out on drugs at the time. Wow. His Godly influence was one of several helpful spiritual shoves to get me going in the right direction towards Christ.

And now, out of the blue, comes word from Keith and Jessica, two dear friends of mine who I used to hang out with during my time at Dynatek. They worked for a company that helped set up the SFB (Society for Biomaterials) show that was one of several scientific shows/conventions that I traveled to as Director of Sales and Marketing for Dynatek.

Jessica said that she was talking to some co-workers and friends and my name popped up during the conversation; so she did a Google search for killer hay bales and lo and behold! there I was.

Scary thought, isn’t it? LOL.

And speaking of KHB, I’ll be posting that story along with a few others THIS WEEK on my Fantastic Stories blog. Stick around to read some really warped stuff.  🙂


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