The Enemy At Work…Part I

February 27, 2007

Yes, satan knows how to get the best of us…as I was driving to my meeting with Michael Davis in Milan today, I had just made it outside of Brookfield on U.S. 36 and was ALMOST to the Laclede junction…when I heard a BAM! and all of a sudden I had no transmission.

So, after coasting to the shoulder of the road, I got out to the lovely vision of transmission fluid pouring out from underneath the van. After calling Jeannie to let her know what happened and to tell her I was OK, and to please call the wrecker from our insurance company…I paused to thank God for allowing this to happen on a fairly well traveled highway, and also gave thanks to Him for a strong cell tower signal.

The wrecker guy said that dumped transmissions were a fairly common thing for Dodge and Plymouth vans with high mileage on them…and that they would probably have to replace the whole thing. We’ll find out more tomorrow after someone takes a look at it.

So, I am also thankful to our Lord that…

  • I am safe; because it could’ve been a LOT worse…especially since there were TWO semis close behind me that quickly swerved out of the way when I lost speed;
  • my mom-in-law and Kelsey came and got me pretty quickly;
  • that the wrecker service responded VERY promptly as well;
  • and that I am back home with my family, safe and sound.

So, here we sit, without a vehicle…LOL…but we have much to be thankful for. Satan didn’t get the best of the situation. Praise God!

BTW…any donations for a blown transmission would be greatly appreciated and welcomed. LOL. And, prayers are ALWAYS welcome. ๐Ÿ™‚

Please send donations to this physical address: (my work addy)

Richard Davis; D-Books Publishing, Inc.; 107 North Main Street USA; Marceline, MO 64658

Thanks and GOD BLESS YOU!


Meetings, Meetings, And More Meetings

February 27, 2007

Met with the Mark Twain District Congregational Development/Church Extension Committee last night; I was nominated to serve on this board until 2009. Basically we are in charge of disbursing funds to churches in need in our district who are building new facilities or housing new ministries. Rather interesting. Got to meet some other pastors from around the district as well.

Tonight I meet with my mentor in the Candidacy Program, Rev. Michael Davis, up in Milan to continue through the process and get it finished up before Local Licensing School in May. Only a few more months!

Sometime in the future I’ll be meeting with the district Board of Ordained Ministry so they can grill me over my beliefs, my candidacy, etc.

Fun, fun.

Fasting Update…

February 26, 2007

OK…here’s the latest…sorry it’s been a few days since I last updated my progress.

The modification to my fast has taken the form of some Wesleyan fasts; nothing but water, juices, and my special “lemonade” during the day (which Wesley didn’t use…LOL), and then a meal in the evening to keep up my energy. So far, here are the results:

Weight started: 204

Weight currently: 184

Total weight lost: 20 pounds

36 more days to go!

“Finding The Tomb Of Jesus” Follow-Up

February 26, 2007

Thanks for everyone who posted a comment concerning this story. Seems that there are some varying viewpoints out there; the majority seem to be in favor of “how in the world could my Risen Savior’s bones still be here on earth? ๐Ÿ™‚

Now here’s more from James Cameron (he of the famed Titanic movie epic) and the Discovery channel; from CBS News; from This is London; from …you pick the news outlet, and the story is gaining momentum.

Folks, this one isn’t going to go away, and is sure to create some major controversy.

What the Bible says…I take as Truth. Jesus is in Heaven, bones and all. After all, when he arose from the grave, didn’t He just leave gravecloths behind? Where in the Bible does it say that He left his physical body and arose spiritually? It DOESN’T.

As my niece Kimberlie says, the enemy probably is causing some confusion in translating the ancient language and archaeologists only THINK they have the right answer.

And isn’t it amazing that this news came out during Lenten season, and so close to Easter? Hmmmmm.

One more thought: how can you connect the supposed DNA that was found to God? Anyone got a sample of God’s DNA handy?

Yup….I didn’t think so.

Finding The Tomb Of Jesus–A Story That Reeks of Blasphemy

February 23, 2007


TIME Magazine online picks up the story with some James Cameron bashing of their own. Also, more and more scholars and experts are crying foul.

I think as the story gets put under the microscope more and more..that this will all be proven to be a giant hoax…for television ratings and to make Mr. Cameron look good.


I just couldn’t let this one go after reading it…this is just like saying Jesus was NOT God. I am truly offended.

This, from

The cave in which Jesus Christ was buried has been found in Jerusalem, claim the makers of a new documentary film. If it proves true, the discovery, which will be revealed at a press conference in New York Monday, could shake up the Christian world as one of the most significant archaeological finds in history.

The coffins which, according to the filmmakers held the remains of Jesus of Nazareth, his mother Mary and Mary Magdalene will be displayed for the first time on Monday in New York.

The story goes on to say that six of the ten coffins bore inscriptions of the names of Jesua (Jesus), son of Joseph, Mary, Mary, Matthew, Jofa (Joseph, identified as Jesusโ€™ brother), and Judah son of Jesua (Jesusโ€™ son – the filmmakers claim).

The cave in which the coffins were found was discovered 30 years ago; the name markings were decoded 10 years ago…so my thought is this: why did it take so long, in this instant-on information age, to bring this news to the public? Why the secrecy?

Sounds like some major forgery/deception going on.

I, for one, believe what God’s Word says: that Jesus Christ was fully God and fully man, and that He was crucified to death, buried, and then rose again on the third day; that He defeated death; and that He ascended to sit at the right Hand of God the father, making intercession for us.

Anything else is just a lie from satan.

Your thoughts?

Lenten Devotions on the Missouri UM Conference Website

February 21, 2007

Today is Ash Wednesday, which begins our Lenten season of self-denial, fasting, and prayer…and to help us focus on the importance of this season in our lives, the Missouri United Methodist Conference has short Lenten devotions on their website which can be streamed or played back as an MP3.

I was humbled, and thankful, to be the first one to have their devotion listed. You can access the list here.

I give thanks to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for this opportunity to help spread His Word.

I hope and pray that you enjoy it. ๐Ÿ™‚

Praise God!

February 20, 2007

Being able to pay for Licensing School in May is no longer a concern; my home church has agreed to pick up the remaining balance after my scholarship from the Missouri Conference.ย  ๐Ÿ™‚ย  God is GOOD!

Also praise God for the Holy Land trip! They are leaving this morning on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land; it is my sincere prayer that lives will be changed and hearts opened up to the awesome reality that, as they walk on the ground half a globe away, they will be ever-sensitive to the fact that they are walking on the same ground where our Lord and Savior Jesus also trod. Please pray for safe travel and good health for these sojourners during the next ten days.

I never get tired of being able to praise the Lord for His goodness. None of us deserve it…but He still gives it to us.ย  ๐Ÿ™‚