Six lbs. and Counting…

Just a quick update on the fasting adventure; so far so good. Everything has pretty much leveled out into a comfort zone that I can handle with the Lord’s help. I’ve lost a total of six pounds so far, and my energy level has gone back up somewhat. I give thanks to God for allowing me to continue this spiritual journey.

Taking a good multivitamin does help me get through the day; I’ve noticed one weird side effect that I didn’t have the past two years–and that is an extreme dryness of my skin. I’m using a natural lotion to help with that.

Besides that, my mental and spiritual clarity is better, and I FEEL better. It’s been worth the lack of food, and it’s helping me understand what a temple these bodies really are.


2 Responses to Six lbs. and Counting…

  1. jeanniedavis says:

    It is a great honor and somedays a challenge to watch you take this spiritual journey. You haven’t been too much of a bear yet..LOL…I will be here for you, encouraging you and praying for over the next weeks. ILY


  2. kimberlie says:

    I proud of you Uncle Richard.

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