My Take On Things…

In no particular order, here are some things that make me go….hmmmmmmmmmm.

  • Global Warming – listen, people…we’ve been through cycles of warm and cold on this earth for thousands of years. Back then there weren’t any cars or factories belching out emissions; so why did it warm up? It’s called a “cyclical event”. While I believe that man has contributed to the warm up in a very, VERY minor way, I don’t believe mankind os responsible for this “so called” global warming. Tell the people in the northeast and midwest who are shivering under below zero temperatures that the world is warming up. Yeah, right.
  • The Iraqi War – this goes to President Bush: get the troops out now, George. At one time this was a very noble idea, but mismanagement of troops and funding has cost the military dearly, especially in the mounting number of service members who have been killed.
  • Celebrities Who Are Acting Stupid – the list is pretty long: Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, Ryan O’Neal, Tom Cruise…and it goes on and on. Is it OK for them to not wear underwear, shoot at their kids, or make their spouse into a Stepford wife because they’re famous? Celebrity behavior is definitely out of control…and they think checking into a “resort” rehab clinic will make them all better. Wow. Someone needs to send a mission team to Hollywood to witness to the lost, the last, and the least there.

And last, but not least:

  • Astronauts in Love. I’ve heard of being star-struck, but this is ridiculous. A love triangle between three of them just takes the cake…especially when one of the ladies dons a diaper and drives for 900 miles, in order to track the other “offending” woman down and give her a piece of her mind (and a shot of pepper spray, too). Yowza.

Interesting news going on these days!


One Response to My Take On Things…

  1. daughter Kelsey says:

    One thing I hate is when you hear people talking bad about the heritage you have HUH!!

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