Ice Skating Adventure ’07

Jeannie and I took Kelsey and two of her friends, Arianna and Tori, to Crown Center Ice Terrace in K.C. to go ice skating on Saturday, in celebration of Kelsey’s 10th birthday. The weather was cold, but since the wind wasn’t blowing too much and the sun was out, it turned out to be fairly pleasant.

Well, our trip wound up being an all-day event, since none of the girls wanted to leave after they had been skating for a few hours. And even though none of the three had ever donned a pair of skates before, they took to it better than we had hoped for; after the obligatory spills and “hanging onto the rails for dear life” routine, they eventually mastered the finer points of being able to stand up and propel themselves forward. We were duly impressed.

Nurse Betty (our daughter Micah’s care provider when she had cancer) even stopped by and watched the trio for a few hours and ate lunch with us at the Crayola Café in Crown Center.

Here’s a pic of the motley three about mid-point through the day. Tori’s on the left, Kelsey’s in the middle, and Arianna’s on the right.

Of course, at the end of our excursion, all were tired, cranky, and about to fall asleep in their food when we stopped to eat. 🙂 But all in all, Kelsey had a good birthday and it was something she had been wanting to do for a while.


One Response to Ice Skating Adventure ’07

  1. daughter Kelsey says:

    Totally fun and I only fell a few times but my friend Arianna on the other hand fell all the time. We almost got ran over by other people because we would like fall in the center of the skating rink and crawl to the edge to get up AHHHHHHHH! WE got very scared the first time the Zamboni came out to shave the ice.

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