Body Count Evangelism?

I came across this interesting read from One News Now about mega-churches filling the pews in the interest of swelling congregational numbers. It offers some intriguing viewpoints.

Should we, as the Church, be more about packing our buildings to the hilt to look good…or should we be more abut reaching out to the lost and leading them to a saving relationship with Jesus Christ?

I, for one, think the latter. Sure, having a good growth in the Body of Christ is important, but not for the sake of losing the focus and mission that we have as believers in Christ. Too oftentimes we try to build up the numbers, instead of building up Christians in the faith. When we get that way, the Message becomes muddled and fuzzy, and the focus is all about “look what we’ve done” instead of “look what Christ has done!”

When that happens…the Church becomes a social club, and not a house of worship.  😦


One Response to Body Count Evangelism?

  1. Larry Litle says:

    I could not agree more with you. I have seen that a focus on numbers for what ever motivation often will stifle the flow of the Holy Spirit in what He wants to do in a local church. Growing the members up in Christ should be the focus and not the number of people. As we as the body start focussing on spiritual growth, more people will be attracted to what we have and we will grow in numbers.

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