“Finding The Tomb Of Jesus” Follow-Up

Thanks for everyone who posted a comment concerning this story. Seems that there are some varying viewpoints out there; the majority seem to be in favor of “how in the world could my Risen Savior’s bones still be here on earth? 🙂

Now here’s more from James Cameron (he of the famed Titanic movie epic) and the Discovery channel; from CBS News; from This is London; from Breitbart.com …you pick the news outlet, and the story is gaining momentum.

Folks, this one isn’t going to go away, and is sure to create some major controversy.

What the Bible says…I take as Truth. Jesus is in Heaven, bones and all. After all, when he arose from the grave, didn’t He just leave gravecloths behind? Where in the Bible does it say that He left his physical body and arose spiritually? It DOESN’T.

As my niece Kimberlie says, the enemy probably is causing some confusion in translating the ancient language and archaeologists only THINK they have the right answer.

And isn’t it amazing that this news came out during Lenten season, and so close to Easter? Hmmmmm.

One more thought: how can you connect the supposed DNA that was found to God? Anyone got a sample of God’s DNA handy?

Yup….I didn’t think so.


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