Is It Thursday Already?

March 29, 2007


This week has gone by in a blur…of course, when you’re sleep-deprived like I usually am, the days sort of fuse together to create a long incoherent mess otherwise known as work time.

If everything holds up the wifey and I are going to veg on the coach tonight after dinner and watch a movie or something. Maybe even hit the sack early (IF I can sleep).

It’s just amazing that as you get older, your body wears out faster and you seem more tired than in those younger years. *sigh* Makes one long for the days of bottomless Mountain Dew cups and the beckoning call of the local ball fields during those lazy, hazy days of summer.

I had energy to spare back then…now…my body spares just enough to get by daily. LOL.


Hell IS A Real Place

March 28, 2007

As quoted from Pope Benedict XVI. Read the entire story here from FoxNews.

It’s about time that our Church leaders started telling people like it is. Heaven is a real place; so is Hell. And we need to be reminded of that. It doesn’t matter what denomination you are; Catholic, Methodist, Baptist, Epsicopal, AOG, etc…God made it plain and simple. Hell is a reality. And He sure didn’t put it in His Word as a fictional vacation destination.

Let’s go about leading people to Jesus Christ, so they won’t have to endure a place where there will be an eternity of gnashing teeth and burning fire…and TOTAL separation from God.

Because once you’re in there…there’s no way out. The doors to Hell are locked from the inside.  😦

Tuesday Thoughts…

March 27, 2007
  • Our van is back in the shop AGAIN...transmission is slipping during highway driving and otherwise acting possessed. Two words come to mind: stupid satan! Anyone happen to have a vehicle they would just donate to the Davis household that’s in good running condition? LOL. (The scary thought is that we are planning on driving this very same van to Arizona in June on vacation…but if it keeps on acting this way we might not get to go…barring a miracle.) 😦
  • Busy week AND weekend ahead. *sigh* Whatever happened to having a weekend with nothing to do?
  • First Marceline Park Board meeting of 2007 is this evening. Lots to talk about in only an hour.
  • Trinity UMC is having a church-wide spaghetti supper and movie night this Friday, March 30th. Bring a covered dish if you’re in the area and join us in fellowship!
  • Sleep? What is that and who needs it?
  • Thanks to the Bagley family for letting us use one of their vehicles the past few days. It’s helped us out immensely.

I know I’m rambling. I’m tired and in need of some spiritual/emotional and mental restoration; looks like that will happen about this time next year. 🙂

Financial restoration would be good, too, right about now. LOL.

Rain, Rain…And Other Thoughts/Ramblings

March 23, 2007

We’re in the midst of several more days of off-again/on-again showers and thunderboomers. It’s damp and nasty outside…but at least it’s moisture. I’m drawing up plans for an ark, though…just in case.

Our beloved niece Kimmie and her guy dude Tyler are coming over Saturday evening for some flicks and food, along with daughter Briana and her beau Andrew. Don’t know what we’re making yet for supper..but it will probably be in the form of edible foodstuffs, no doubt.  🙂

Our van, after having duly spent almost $1,000 to put another transmission in (and having it back a whole week now) is exhibiting some fo the same transmission slippage as before. It’s going back into the shop on Tuesday for a complete diagnostic testing cycle; maybe we’ll get to the bottom of this vexing problem.  😦

Going to meet with my mentor, Rev. Michael Davis, at Milan UMC on Saturday morning to try and finish up my candidacy studies before going on to Licensing School. In the afternoon I have to do some final sermon prep time for Sunday at First Baptist in Laclede.

OK..think that’s everything going on here lately. How about you?

Marceline Schools Closed From Written Threat

March 21, 2007

Officials received a threat on Tuesday afternoon and dismissed school for the remainder of the day and also Wednesday.


Hopefully they’ll catch the perpetrator(s) and bring them to justice. Marceline is known for its small-town friendliness and low-crime rate, not for brash and calloused acts from crackpots.

First Day of Spring…

March 21, 2007

Cloudy, dreary, with rain and thunderstorms forecast for later on, and rain for the rest of the week. Welcome to Spring 2007 in northern Missouri. LOL.

At least we’re no longer in a drought.  🙂  Conditions in Missouri are much improved over last year at this time, when we were only at 15% of our usual precipitation levels and water table.

Even though we might not like the wet weather, it’s nice to have the liquid stuff in abundance.

dCOM Meeting Today…

March 19, 2007

Well, I had my first interview with the District Committee on Ordained Ministry in the Mark Twain District of the Missouri United Methodist Conference (now THAT’S a mouthful to say, isn’t it?) this afternoon; it was basically a 45 minute question-and-answer session where the committee drilled me with questions like “Explain your call into the ministry” and “Where do you see yourself in the ministry in 5 years?” and “How does your family feel about your entering the ministry?”

After that session, I felt spiritually drained and very tired. But I prayed that the Holy Spirit would go before me and give me the words to say to these people…words that would allow them to see that I want to live my life for Christ and Him alone, and that Jesus is the focus of everything that I do in the ministry.

Afterwards, my pastor, Rev. Mike White (who also sits on the dCOM) and our DS, Rev. Bill Koch, said I did fine, and that I am being recommended for Local Licensing School as a certified candidate for ministry. Just another hoop I have to jump through in the ministerial process.  😦

All in all, it was a good day. Long, perhaps…but worth the time spent.