The Enemy At Work, Part II

After the circumstances of Tuesday, I took a day off from blogging and reflected back on what happened. Here’s some of my thoughts:

  • satan is a jerk…BIG time;
  • we found out that not only did our van’s transmission give out…another friend of ours was traveling down the same highway and THEIR transmission also bit the dust as well. Coincidence? NOT!
  • the stock market plunged over 400 points that same day, causing widespread panic (again, NOT a coincidence);
  • sickness started spreading around the Davis household, and also other Christian homes, like wildfire after this happened…it’s amazing to see how the devil can use situations to tempt us;
  • yet, through it all…we have a Provider who is named Jehovah Jireh…and He is good.

As I mature more and more in my faith in Jesus Christ, the enemy tries his best to make me stumble and fall. Yet, I am ever thankful that I have a Solid Rock to stand upon when the seas of life crash around me and threaten to overwhelm me; I give thanks to the Holy One for the breath of life and for each and every day that I can serve Him more.

Thanks, Abba Father.  🙂


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