Rain, Rain…And Other Thoughts/Ramblings

We’re in the midst of several more days of off-again/on-again showers and thunderboomers. It’s damp and nasty outside…but at least it’s moisture. I’m drawing up plans for an ark, though…just in case.

Our beloved niece Kimmie and her guy dude Tyler are coming over Saturday evening for some flicks and food, along with daughter Briana and her beau Andrew. Don’t know what we’re making yet for supper..but it will probably be in the form of edible foodstuffs, no doubt.  🙂

Our van, after having duly spent almost $1,000 to put another transmission in (and having it back a whole week now) is exhibiting some fo the same transmission slippage as before. It’s going back into the shop on Tuesday for a complete diagnostic testing cycle; maybe we’ll get to the bottom of this vexing problem.  😦

Going to meet with my mentor, Rev. Michael Davis, at Milan UMC on Saturday morning to try and finish up my candidacy studies before going on to Licensing School. In the afternoon I have to do some final sermon prep time for Sunday at First Baptist in Laclede.

OK..think that’s everything going on here lately. How about you?


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