A Monday Full of Blah’s…

April 30, 2007

What a way to spend the weekend…

Jeannie and I went to a Safe Sanctuaries class at Grain Valley on Saturday; woohoo…was that ever SO exciting. Anyways, I started feeling sickly (as in stomach doing the flip flops and generally being queasy) Saturday afternoon; then all day Sunday, and today, I was sick. You know, the running out kind of sick that makes one yearn for the thirst quenching goodness of Gatorade.

So, alas, I spent all day today in bed, and I FINALLY felt better around 4 or 5. Sheesh. What a wonderful weekend.

But, on the bright side, we got a new foster kiddo this afternoon.  🙂   She is a bright and energetic 1 1/2 year old with a great smile and can speak fairly well. She is a joy.


The Famous Four Things About Me…

April 27, 2007

Since my beautiful wifey Jeannie tagged me for this, I thought I’d better respond….

Four jobs I have had in my life: Radio Announcer, Marketing Director for a Medical Device Company, Web Designer, Pepsi route salesman.

What 4 movies do you watch over and over: The Matrix trilogy, Forrest Gump, LOTR trilogy, The Shawshank Redemption.

Four places I have lived: Los Angeles, CA; Chicago, IL; Orlando, FL; and Brookfield, MO

Four television shows I watch: CSI, 24, Heroes, Lost

Four places I have been on vacation: Destin Beach, Florida; Chattanooga, TN; Canada, Bahamas

Four websites I visit daily: Jeannie’s Blog , CHATTER, CNN, and Computer Geeks.

Four favorite foods: Sushi, Mexican, Low Country Boil, Chocolate

Four places I would rather be right now: Destin Beach Florida, In a Jacuzzi tub with Jeannie, Bed, Visiting my brother-in-law Jerry in AZ

Four foods I hate: Limburger Cheese, Parmesan Cheese, Smelly Cheese, Cottage Cheese (I have a theme going)

Four people who I think will respond back to me: I don’t have a clue…LOL..whoever reads my blog is welcome to.

Who do you want to meet before you’re gone? Tiger Woods & Bill Gates…so I can witness to both of them.   🙂

So if you read this blog, consider yourself tagged. If you play don’t forget to leave me a comment and let me know so I can go read your answers. If you don’t have a blog email me:


Countdown to Local Pastor’s Licensing School

April 26, 2007

Twenty-five days.

That’s the time between now and the start of my ministry journey as a soon-to-be pastor in the Missouri Methodist Conference.

In a little over three weeks, I go off for a week of intense training in all things theological and practical in Methodism, where I will be “indoctrinated” into my pastoral role as a local shepherd to God’s flock. It is sure to be a life-altering, spiritually-uplifting, and hand-wringing roller-coaster ride for one week. And, at the end, I’ll be licensed as a local pastor.

My District Superintendent has already informed me of my probable appointment; it’s gonna be a very gratifying, and sometimes nerve-wracking, leap of faith…but I know that with God…all things are possible. Including this.  🙂

The countdown begins in earnest!

Thursday Already?

April 26, 2007

My oh my, where has the week gone? Seemed like yesterday was Saturday and Jeannie and I were gearing up for another busy weekend…and before you know it….here another weekend is looming large before us.

My beloved and I are celebrating our anniversary this weekend with a jacuzzi, some chilled grape juice, breakfast in bed, and some good alone time. Woohoo! WeDO need some recharging time just before the madness begins in June (for more info on that, see the next post…LOL)

On another note, we are sad to report that our two little foster kiddos went back home to grandma (after a home visit and everything checking out ok)…we miss them, but we know this is how the system works. We are praying that mom and dad get their acts straightened out and be the parents that God intends them to be.  🙂

More news to come in the next post!

Yeltsin Yodels, Sheryl Scrimps 4 Squares, and WiFi Smog Alerts

April 23, 2007

Read all about them at FoxNews. Just a sampling of the news happ’ning around the globe today.

  • Boris Yeltsin dead at 76; he was the architect of Russian democracy.
  • Sheryl Crows wants to save the world one square of toilet paper at a time. “Waste” not, want more tp would probably not be an appropriate figure of speech.
  • WiFi might be the 21st century equivalent of smoking cigarettes.

Southeast Georgia Fire (UPDATE)

April 20, 2007

The woods continue to burn in the Okefenokee Swamp near Waycross, GA. Here are some links to keep everyone abreast of the situation:

So far, 18 homes have been destroyed in a 45 square mile area; 5,000 residents who were asked to voluntarily evacuate their homes were allowed back in the area, but 1,000 more are still being housed in shelters. Ware County schools have been closed this past week but were expected to reopen Monday as the winds shift the fires away from Waycross.

To all my friends and family in the area, along with the firefighters and emergency personnel fighting the blazes: stay safe, and our love and prayers are with you. 🙂

Another Unusual Church Sign…

April 20, 2007