Portrait Of A Stone-Cold Killer…

Cho Seung-Hui…23 year-old loner and perhaps jilted boyfriend. Isolated, introverted and struggling to deal with his inner demons (as evidenced in this writing obtained by The Smoking Gun website).

Now, this young man has a new label: deadliest mass murderer by a single shooting incident in U.S. history.

By all accounts, there were troubling signs that surfaced here and there during his collegiate career: disturbed creative writing in his English classes that caused one teacher to recommend him for counseling; increasingly violent and erratic behaviors on campus; unsubstantiated news reports that he was taking medication for depression…add these up and they create the human formula for an atomic reaction. But he just didn’t melt down; Seung-Hui exploded with deadly force. His targets at first were a female student he was possibly enamored with, along with the resident advisor of her dormitory; then the carnage spilled over into random acts of close-range sniper fire. Whoever was in front of him when he snapped was “guilty by association”.

We may never know the exact reason(s) why this tormented young person chose to massacre so many in the blink of an eye; but this we do know: his misconstrued deed is, and will not be, the only senseless act in the violence-plagued world we live in today. Mayhem and death will continue as long as mankind chooses to live their meager lives based on a lie from satan.

Like Seung-Hui, satan chose his path; and it was one of pre-meditation. Much thought and planning was given to the roads to be taken: the rocky one that leads to goodness and grace and an eternity in Heaven, or the smooth one that is supposedly “trouble free” but ultimately leads to damnation. And in the end, when it came time to make their decision, both chose to be eternally condemned. And it is such a shame.

Many lives were lost yesterday at Virginia Tech. Our prayers, thoughts, and condolences go out to all who lost a loved one in this campus tragedy; and our prayers to those who are hospitalized. May all receive peace and comfort from the Holy Spirit of God during this time of sorrow.

I leave you with these final thoughts: only when we turn from evil and embrace the good, and give all of ourselves to God, will this tide of bloodshed recede.


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