Thursday Already?

My oh my, where has the week gone? Seemed like yesterday was Saturday and Jeannie and I were gearing up for another busy weekend…and before you know it….here another weekend is looming large before us.

My beloved and I are celebrating our anniversary this weekend with a jacuzzi, some chilled grape juice, breakfast in bed, and some good alone time. Woohoo! WeDO need some recharging time just before the madness begins in June (for more info on that, see the next post…LOL)

On another note, we are sad to report that our two little foster kiddos went back home to grandma (after a home visit and everything checking out ok)…we miss them, but we know this is how the system works. We are praying that mom and dad get their acts straightened out and be the parents that God intends them to be.  🙂

More news to come in the next post!

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