American Idol Shocker

I’m more than stunned…I’m speechless.

So is Jeannie.

Melinda Doolittle, she of the Tina Turner-esque vocals and diminutive stature, was voted off of American Idol this evening, after 60 million votes were cast.

Message boards everywhere are abuzz over this insanity; most are of the same mentality as I have. The question that is one everyone’s minds is, “Why?” Talk about a travesty!

Nevertheless, Melinda will go on to a huge career in music, now that she is free from the confines of Idol’s built-in winner’s recording contract. She can pick and choose what will best suit her and her future path as an artist.

We all wish you Godspeed and our prayers are with you, young lady. Keep the Lord first and foremost; keep that humble attitude; and keep singing with your heart…you’ll go far! 🙂


One Response to American Idol Shocker

  1. kimberlie says:

    My jaw dropped and I made barely recognizable noises.

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