One Tired Puppy…

Yes, I am home. FINALLY.

It’s been a looooong week without my Jeannie and kiddos; I never knew dorm life could be so difficult, especially on a person’s back and neck with those wonderful mattresses that feel like petrified wood.

Also, days that go from 5AM to 10-11PM or longer (depending on who I was mentoring that day…LOL) are no fun. Sleep? Who needs it? It’s WAY overrated.

Ugh. 😦

Anyways, I learned a lot during the week, and made some lifelong friends with my fellow pastors. We were a 28-strong class who liked to goof around and have fun when we could, but also were serious when it came to studying and crunch times.

Yes, even though I don’t officially start until July 1st at my new appointment (which I will name very soon, as soon as it is approved at the Missouri Annual Conference next weekend), I am now a Licensed Local Pastor within the United Methodist Church.

What does this mean? Well, to be very simple about things, I will basically be able to perform all duties of a pastor within the local church setting where I will be appointed; this includes the sacraments of baptism and Holy Communion as well as marrying, burial, confirmation and membership reception. This type of licensure is renewed every year by the GC.

I am also what is called an “itinerant” pastor, which means that there is the possibility I may be moved every 3-4 years to a different location, depending on where the Bishop and Cabinet feel led by the Holy Spirit to place me.

I begin my Course of Study program either this fall or early next spring, which is a theological education similar to attending seminary. Part-time pastors are allowed 12 years to finish it; full-time pastors can do it in no longer than eight years.

As I said, I will begin the ministry God has called me in to on July 1st; please pray that I will be ready and willing to be an open vessel to be used for God’s purpose.

To God be ALL the glory!!!


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