Tearful Ending, Joyful Beginning

This upcoming Sunday will be our last morning worship service attendance at our home church, Trinity United Methodist in Brookfield, MO.  😦

My date to start as pastor at Bear Branch and Purdin UMC’s has been pushed up to Sunday, June 24th, instead of July 1st.

Jeannie and I are saddened to be leaving our brothers and sisters in Christ, and there will no doubt be tears shed. It will even be more heart-wrenching as I am singing the offertory song; it goes along with Pastor Mike’s message for the morning (when Jesus said “I am the Door”. The song is appropriately entitled “The Door”; it’s an older Al Denson tune.

Even through all of these emotions that will come forefront this Sunday, we are thankful that there is a new beginning in all of this; and that is the chance to reach out and minister with others (and to others) in the Name of Jesus, and to lead others to a personal relationship with Him.

I count it all joy to be able to do these things; it is an even greater experience to have my wife as a co-minister beside me. I know that I will rely on her input, her suggestions, and most of all her love during our time spent in the ministry. She is a blessing in my life; one that I don’t deserve, but that I am truly thankful for.

So, as we attend Trinity one last time on a Sunday morning, we can celebrate a new beginning…and rejoice with our church family as we look forward to a wonderful time worshipping with our new brothers and sisters at Bear Branch and Purdin. 🙂


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