And Now, Back To The Show…

Wow….I’ve been really swamped these past few days! In between getting bulletins prepared for my first worship services this Sunday at Bear Branch and Purdin to doing a pre-wedding video for a couple getting married this weekend at Trinity to trying to get time to work on Kelsey’s computer to doing some work on a couple of computers at the Linn County Leader to…

My life is SO hectic. I’ll be glad when it slows down.

Yeah, right!

I’m pulled in two different directions this Sunday for my first sermons; on one hand, I would like to give my testimony about what the Lord has done in my life…but on the other hand, I’d like to stick with the liturgical calendar and give my testimony on the first Sunday I am actually SUPPOSED to be starting, which is on July 1st. I have been praying about it intensely but haven’t received an answer from the Lord yet. I’m preparing two sermons regardless! Better to be prepared with a word from the Lord than not.

If you have time, lift up a prayer or two to God about this. This servant really needs the encouragement.



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