Still Here

June 13, 2007

No, I haven’t went to be with the Lord; just been busy with day to day living.

BIG news coming soon! More on THAT whenever I have some free time to sit down and write.



It Is Official!

June 9, 2007

After meeting with the PPRC (Pastor Parish Relations Committees) of the two churches this morning, along with our District Superintendent, Bill Koch, I am very humbled, and excited, to share this news with everyone: I will be the new pastor for Bear Branch and Purdin United Methodist Churches beginning on July 1st!

Praise be to God! Jeannie and I are ready to put our spiritual energies and time as much as we can into leading people into a saving relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

Thanks to EVERYONE for the prayers, the encouragement, the gifts, and everything else that you have given along this wonderful ministry path. I am truly blessed to be able to finally fulfill the Lord’s calling in my life after ALL these many years.   🙂

Church PPRC Meeting And Other Thoughts…

June 7, 2007

My friends,

Sorry it’s been a few days; I’ve just been relaxing and enjoying some unplugged time away from the e-world.

In Davis household news:

  • I go on Saturday to meet with the pastor-parish relations committee of the two churches that I have been appointed to; there we will go over the ministry path of the congregations and any other relevant info that I need before July 1st. Prayers are definitely asked for! As soon as I am given the go-ahead, I can fill everyone in on where the churches are at. (Some think they know, but may be surprised!)
  • We go to pick up Jeannie’s nieces at the airport next week; they’ll be spending about 1 1/2 months with us this summer. Woohoo!
  • Jordan and Jon will be here around the first weekend in July. Woohoo! They’ll be here for about three weeks.
  • We’re still looking for a house to rent in Brookfield, long-term (about two-three years). Any suggestions? We need at least three-four bedrooms, with an office and a basement, preferably in nice shape. I’ll need an office to study from and to prepare bulletins for church.
  • We’re also lookng at purchasing another vehicle, probably within about 3-4 months. It will have to wait until the money situation stabilizes somewhat.
  • Supposed to rain again this afternoon and evening. Go figure.

There’s probably more, but these are the highlights.

The weekend should be VERY interesting!!

June 2007 Linn County Leader Column – “Do It Anyway…”

June 5, 2007

Ever have song lyrics just stick in the back of your mind and they won’t go away?

Yeah, I’m one of those people, too. Lately, there is one particular song that I can’t seem to shake; and I think it’s because it matches so well spiritually with what I’ve experienced throughout my Christian life. The song is by Martina McBride; it’s called “Anyway”. The chorus is especially thoughtful:

“God is great
But sometimes life ain’t good
And when I pray
It doesn’t always turn out like I think it should
But I do it anyway
I do it anyway”

(Martina McBride; from the album “Waking Up Laughing”, copyright 2007)

Now, my particular musical tastes do NOT lean to country music; I’m more of a rock and pop guy. Yet, it seems that every time I turn on a radio or watch TV or anything else, this song is playing. I think it’s a good reminder for me of what the Lord has brought me through, and what He continues to do with my life.

We all spend our lives dreaming; building; loving; even pouring our very souls into things around us. That’s the wonderful aspect of life; it is precious to hold onto, yet it is fleeting. Things that you and I might deem important may be total foolishness to someone else. Yet, we are all tied together in that common bond that is called life.

And, sure, sometimes life “ain’t” good. And sometimes, when we pray, things don’t turn out the way we think they should. But we can do it (pray) anyway, can’t we?

And when we do pray, we can rest assured that God is listening. He knows every desire in our hearts and lives, and He wants the best for us. He even gives us those little hints along the way, whether they be a friendly bit of advice from a neighbor, loved one or friend, or even something as mundane as a song heard over and over again; one that you just can’t get out of your head.

Think about that the next time you can’t get that voice or song out of your thoughts. God might want your attention!

Any questions or comments can be directed to Richard’s blog at or via e-mail at His column appears monthly in the Linn County Leader.

Summer Fun Days

June 1, 2007

Going on through this weekend in the huge burg known far and wide as Brookfield.

For a complete schedule, click on this link from the Brookfield CoC.

Trinity UMC (our home church) will once again be putting on the whole hog BBQ, to benefit the youth scholarship fund. Good eats.

There will also be rides, booths, and other fun.  🙂