“Eight Things You’ll Regret Asking Me About”

Sis-in-law over at Thinking Things tagged me for 8 facts that people don’t know about me (and probably don’t WANT to know after they read them); so, here goes with the requisite info:

  1. I’ve been a landscape worker on a golf course in Florida during my homeless days.
  2. Speaking of golf, I used to love to play frisbee golf in its heyday, and could “drive” for a pretty long ways and even made some difficult “putts”.
  3. I have no “formal” theological education (as of right now) except for a love of the Gospel. Seminary awaits!
  4. Like brother Ron at CHATTER, I’ve put hundreds if not thousands of stories and thoughts to pen and paper…and I still don’t think any of them are great, or even good. But I still write anyways.
  5. I’ve stood on the stage at the enlisted club at Orlando Naval Training Center and sang lead vocals with their bar band (in my wilder and stupid days). That was my brief and financially-spent career in rock n’ roll.
  6. My favorite song of all time is REO Speedwagon’s “Golden Country”. It’s a good “call to arms” for activists. LOL.
  7. During my pre-Steven Spielberg days, I made an 8mm film of my novel “Tornado!” back about 1978 or so, and used the ball field and concession stand at Hickman Field in Brookfield as a prop. Where that treasured slice of history is, no one knows.
  8. I once drove from Waycross, GA, to Springfield, MO (867 miles) without a bathroom break. That is NOT recommended for those who are bladder-challenged.

So now you know some worthless things about this guy here. Now it’s my turn to tag! Wifey Jeannie, and Amy at Gentle Whisper, it’s your turn to dish.


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