Where To Begin?

Yeah, we’ve been away for a few days; moving to a new house tends to do that to a person, ya know? But now we’re (mostly) unpacked and settling in, so I thought I could take a few moments to update everyone on news around the Davis household.

We are so enjoying our new abode! It’s totally spacious as compared to our old house (1800 square feet versus 960!!) and there is plenty of room to roam about outside as well. We have a pretty big yard, and then there is the vast amount of acreage behind it that we can explore; the nice thing about that is there are some woods included as well, and a HUGE wash-out area. I wandered back there Saturday afternoon and found one place where the run-off area is about 40-50 feet wide and about 25-30 feet deep; it gave off a Stephen King-ish sort of vibe and reminded me of The Barrens, a setting captured in his novel “It.” I’ll have to give it a more in-depth look (nice pun, huh?) in a few weeks. Things like that have always fascinated me; hence the short story “Attack of the Killer Hay Bales” and other stuff.

Yeah, I know. Creativity (and strange ideas indeed) breed unchecked in the mind of this fella. ONE day, I’ll get some of this stuff published…even if I have to do it myself. LOL.

Besides this otherwordly weirdness, the farm is a really wonderful place; I know that as soon as we are fully settled in, I will be able to relax more during the evenings and work on sermons and get back to writing like I used to. I have always dreamed of having a place where I could look out a big front window and see the countryside…this is certainly the place to do that.

OK, enough rambling…here’s what else has been going on since we spoke last:

  • The fuel pump went out on the van–total cost: $400. So far we have put about $1600 in the van in the past three months. At this rate, we should have a new van shortly. 🙂
  • The drive back and forth to Marceline to work every day is 64 round-trip miles. Lots of good time to talk to God and get sermon ideas. Now if I could JUST find where my microcassette recorder is packed up at…
  • It’s amazing how many boxes we have torched in the past few days at our burn barrel…it never seems to end.
  • In the country, when night falls..it gets D A R K. But it’s cool to be able to see millions of stars in the night sky. Just another reminder of the amazing Creator we have.
  • I actually get a Sunday off this upcoming week; both churches don’t have 5th Sunday services, so we are free to go to another church service. We might mosey on down to Pleasant Grove UMC by our house; it’s where most of our church members usually go during 5th Sundays. It’ll be nice to relax and enjoy being fed from God’s Word during worship; sometimes in the leading of worship services, I get spiritually drained. This will be a nice recharge.
  • Speaking of church, we had THREE people join our fellowship yesterday morning at Bear Branch! PRAISE GOD!! (of course, two of them were my wife and daughter, but they still count) 🙂
  • The pool is filled, and the trampoline is set up. So now Kelsey will be having friends over for the rest of the summer. LOL.

That’s about it from here for now. It’s cloudy with rain forecast; which is nice. Farmers need the rain for their crops, and our yard at the farm is a little dry.

More later!


2 Responses to Where To Begin?

  1. Cindy says:

    Glad to hear you are settling into the country life. It looks nice and peaceful from the pictures. As for the rain, we have already had our share for the year…we are above our yearly average. We went 20 some days with rain at some point each day. And, today it is overcast and looks like it could just pour. Hopefully, you’ll get your much needed rain(or the farmers will anyway). Glad to see you are still alive.

  2. Tharseo says:

    Great to see another Christian on WordPress. (My blog is tharseo.wordpress.com) May God bless you!

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