Yes, I’m back from the bowels of the analog and unplugged world.

Lots going on here; for one, prayers are in order for our air conditioning. Our outside heat exchanger motor seems to have konked out, and it’s a fairly older unit, so….the landlord is bust trying to track one down through Purdin Mercantile. Of course, by the time they find one, the temp will probably be cooler and we won’t need it. But still pray!

Got lots of meetings to attend the next few weeks: A MT (Mark Twain) District Church Extension meeting; a District Cluster Meeting for pastors; another gathering involving the correct way to figure out charge conference paperwork; etc. etc. It’s that time of year!

Speaking of church, things are going wonderfully. We had two more people join this past Sunday; Ron and Jan Miller had been going to Bear Branch for about a year, and they came forward to join our body of believers. When I asked them in private, they just said, “It’s time.” With this wonderful couple, this brings to count five new members since July 1st, when this servant was appointed as their new pastor. Praise God! He is really good.

We’ve touched up the paint on the BB church sign, and now we are ready to take down the Purdin sign and repaint it as well. That will probably happen this weekend. We are also thinking about repainting the inside of the church, to lighten it up and make it feel more welcome and friendly. The dark paneling kinda makes the sanctuary dark, even during the daytime.

Looks like stormy weather the next few days here, maybe even some strong t-boomers.  We need the rain, though.

Last week’s sermon went wonderfully, even without copious notes. When the Holy Spirit moves, all you have to do is get out of the way and let Him work wonders!  Wow!

“Nuff said.

How’s your week shaping up?

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