The Weekend Is Here!

September 21, 2007

And not a moment too soon. Whew.

Tiredness abounds in massive quantities here; Saturday and Sunday is swamped, as always. The Purdin Fall Festival is this weekend, and we will be there, among other places.

The church sign is at Purdin UMC! Jeannie did a wonderful job painting it and I’ll take some digital pics tomorrow and share them. It’s white with black letting, and the cross and flame in black and red. It’s a far cry from the old faded black with faded golden lettering that was hardly visible. The sign still said Purdin Methodist Church (which meant that it hadn’t been painted since the merger of the Methodist and UB churches in the 50’s. Wow.

So, we’re still cleaning up things there at Purdin and getting it spiffy for charge conference next month. Lots more to do, especially down in the basement. THAT will definitely be a CHALLENGE.

Pray for us as we undertake this renovation!


It’s Thursday Already?!

September 20, 2007

Sometimes I think that God laughs at me in a good-natured way during my turbulent weekdays; it feels as if I have twelve days worth of stuff to do in just five. I know, to Him, I am probably running around like that ol’ proverbial “chicken with his head cut off” frantic nature.

Is it only me, or does the world (and time) seem to go by faster and faster the older that a person gets? Perhaps it’s because we have more obligations and responsibilities; perhaps it’s because we’re more aware of our mortality and we try to slow things down to keep our younger days closer to our hearts…or maybe we just let our lives get so full of junk that we have no room to just relax and enjoy the slower pace of things.

Regardless, here it is another week almost gone…and another weekend fast approaching. Yet, I am thankful for the weekends; especially Sundays. Because as we gather for worship and praise God; and as the message comes from His servant, I am thankful to be called to do His service, and His will.

Even though I still work a full-time job, I know that, one day, I will be able to do His work full-time in the ministry. And I look forward to that day when I can devote my entire time to Him as a shepherd for His flock.

He continues to amaze me with His goodness, grace and mercy. And the Lord continues to impress me with those time-management skills that He gives me when I seem to have no time.   🙂

September 2007 Linn County Leader Column – “The Passion of the Bell”

September 18, 2007

No, it’s not some convoluted Mel Gibson-directed saga with mayhem and gore; rather, it’s some thoughts about the annual Bell Game between rivals Brookfield and Marceline.

After the Bulldogs eeked out a 19-9 win a few Fridays back, I’ve taken some time to reflect on the mania that sweeps both towns during this event. Whether good or bad, from the painted paw pranks to the requisite papering of the coaches homes with toilet rolls; from the Highway 36 football player signs to the in-town signs festooning Main Street like a ticker-tape parade…it has that emotional feel of small town America caught up in the moment. Passions are ablaze; team colors are worn with pride.

And when I think about what the Bell Game means to so many, young and old alike, I also take a moment to wonder, “What if we were to take this same kind of passion; this same kind of commitment and put it towards the work of the Lord? How many people could come to a saving relationship with Jesus Christ? How many of our churches could be packed to overflowing to hear God’s Word?”

An interesting proposition, isn’t it? One that holds a lot of promise…IF we could get everyone on board with the idea. IF the vision could be embraced, and the passion refocused and redefined on doing for the Lord, and not for ourselves.

Now please don’t get me wrong…the Bell Game is a wonderful rivalry; one that dates back for many, many years. It’s a way for two communities to come together and share a common goal, a singular purpose…and that is for each respective team to capture (or recapture) the bell for another year; to ring that instrument with pride and love, and thrust it skyward in victory.

Yet, if we mainly focus on that, and leave God’s work to the wayside, we have done the Lord a terrible disservice. We put the spotlight on what we have done, and not what He has done through us as willing servants. And, when we do this, we have definitely put a football game above reaching out to lost souls for Christ.

My heart grieves for many in our area: those who have not given their lives to Christ; the homeless and destitute; single parents raising families; our shut-ins and nursing home residents…the list seems endless. And if we were to grasp this wonderful passion to reach out to others in Christ’s Name, and use the same energy and time and effort that we put into promoting the Bell Game and its festivities…well, we could see great and miraculous things happen in our communities. Souls saved; lives changed; a revival that could sweep across our area and throughout our state, perhaps.

Are we ready…are we willing.…to take a step out in faith? Will we use the talents and the gifts that the Lord has blessed us with to make a change for others? Finally, can we use our devotion for a football rivalry and re-ignite our faith communities from the pulpits and through our congregations?

The Lord has given us our passion for a reason…let’s use it for Him and His glory.

Until next time, may God bless you and yours!

Another Two Weeks…

September 17, 2007

You know, I never imagined that between foster parenting and working and ministering at two churches that I wouldn’t have time to blog regularly…yet, here 14 days have went by, and I haven’t had time to say anything.


So what has the Davis clan been doing the past few weeks? Well, on the weekends I’ve been going to meetings (one a District Pastor’s Picnic, and the other a District Affinity Meeting); Jeannie and the kids have been cleaning and tidying up Purdin’s church. There’s a lot of old stuff that needed tending to, like Sunday School records from 80 years ago piled everywhere; hymnals and bibles falling apart that needed disposed of, etc.

And during the previous week, we had some new foster kids (from Milan) who were really our first “bad” experiences with foster parenting (vandalism, theft, etc.). It was a sibling group of three that really took advantage of the system and went home after only a week. Allegations that were brought up were unsubstantiated due to their lack of cooperation, so….the system isn’t perfect, and there are many times that kids do take advantage of Family Services. Needless to say, the people at the Brookfield and Milan offices know that those kids won’t be welcomed back into our home, unfortunately.

We have a new girl with us and she is a joy. Lots of hurt has happened in her life, and this is a time of healing for her from that hurt. We just hope and pray that we will be a good, stable influence in her life, and that she will feel like she is safe with us.

Besides these things, it’s busy season at work; and of course, it’s busy time at home with visitation, parish dinners, studying for sermons, preparing worship bulletins…it may be tiring, but I don’t feel like it is work. It is a calling from God, and I enjoy everything that comes with being a servant for Him.

Bear with me…sooner or later I’ll get caught up enough to actually be able to write more. LOL.

A Timely Update

September 3, 2007

Yes, things here are crazy as usual. In between church and visits and parish dinners on Sunday afternoon and evenings and district meetings throughout the week…well, it seems as if we don’t have time for much else.

And, we also have some new additions in the Davis household! We have a sibling group of three foster kids who came to us on Friday evening; so this makes four kiddos, plus a baby, with us now. According to our license, we are filled up, but…technically we can still have more kids because according to the Division of Family Services a sibling group only counts as one placement. Yowza. LOL.

They’ve been a joy to have with us, and we just hope that they feel the love in our home and feel like this is a nice place to be until their family situation gets straightened out.

So, tomorrow Jeannie will enroll kids in school while I am at work, and do the requisite foster parenting duties (i.e. shopping, physicals, etc.)

I’ll try to do better with posting more this week as things settle down.  🙂