Another Two Weeks…

You know, I never imagined that between foster parenting and working and ministering at two churches that I wouldn’t have time to blog regularly…yet, here 14 days have went by, and I haven’t had time to say anything.


So what has the Davis clan been doing the past few weeks? Well, on the weekends I’ve been going to meetings (one a District Pastor’s Picnic, and the other a District Affinity Meeting); Jeannie and the kids have been cleaning and tidying up Purdin’s church. There’s a lot of old stuff that needed tending to, like Sunday School records from 80 years ago piled everywhere; hymnals and bibles falling apart that needed disposed of, etc.

And during the previous week, we had some new foster kids (from Milan) who were really our first “bad” experiences with foster parenting (vandalism, theft, etc.). It was a sibling group of three that really took advantage of the system and went home after only a week. Allegations that were brought up were unsubstantiated due to their lack of cooperation, so….the system isn’t perfect, and there are many times that kids do take advantage of Family Services. Needless to say, the people at the Brookfield and Milan offices know that those kids won’t be welcomed back into our home, unfortunately.

We have a new girl with us and she is a joy. Lots of hurt has happened in her life, and this is a time of healing for her from that hurt. We just hope and pray that we will be a good, stable influence in her life, and that she will feel like she is safe with us.

Besides these things, it’s busy season at work; and of course, it’s busy time at home with visitation, parish dinners, studying for sermons, preparing worship bulletins…it may be tiring, but I don’t feel like it is work. It is a calling from God, and I enjoy everything that comes with being a servant for Him.

Bear with me…sooner or later I’ll get caught up enough to actually be able to write more. LOL.


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