It’s Thursday Already?!

Sometimes I think that God laughs at me in a good-natured way during my turbulent weekdays; it feels as if I have twelve days worth of stuff to do in just five. I know, to Him, I am probably running around like that ol’ proverbial “chicken with his head cut off” frantic nature.

Is it only me, or does the world (and time) seem to go by faster and faster the older that a person gets? Perhaps it’s because we have more obligations and responsibilities; perhaps it’s because we’re more aware of our mortality and we try to slow things down to keep our younger days closer to our hearts…or maybe we just let our lives get so full of junk that we have no room to just relax and enjoy the slower pace of things.

Regardless, here it is another week almost gone…and another weekend fast approaching. Yet, I am thankful for the weekends; especially Sundays. Because as we gather for worship and praise God; and as the message comes from His servant, I am thankful to be called to do His service, and His will.

Even though I still work a full-time job, I know that, one day, I will be able to do His work full-time in the ministry. And I look forward to that day when I can devote my entire time to Him as a shepherd for His flock.

He continues to amaze me with His goodness, grace and mercy. And the Lord continues to impress me with those time-management skills that He gives me when I seem to have no time.   🙂


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