Yeah, It’s Me Again….

Believe it or not, this is two days in a row I’m actually posting something.


I never dreamed our lives would be so busy since becoming foster parents and me being assigned a two-church charge in the Missouri Conference; yet, I should’ve pulled the light bulb cord for that “aha!” moment…doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that the more you take on, the more responsibility that you have. Oh, well.

In news around the Davis household: we’re starting to get everything winterized for the season ahead. The pool is coming down; the yard will be mowed a few more times; the windows will be sheathed in their requisite plastic; the propane tank will be filled up…etc. etc. etc. By the look of wooly worms around our farm, it’s gonna be a HARSH snowy time ahead.

The 46th Annual Ham and Turkey Dinner at Bear Branch UMC is this upcoming Sunday. Weather looks to be good, and the turnout is expected at around 350 people this year. Wow. This is my first year as the official “host” of the event, and we are adding contemporary Christian and gospel music to the mix while the people wait to be served. It’s gonna be fun! We’ll be putting up pictures from the event as soon as possible.

Jeannie’s busy with Tabitha Circle stuff as they prepare for the Dinner, and I’m busy preparing sermons and getting the paperwork ready for charge conference. LOTS of stuff to do in anticipation of that. I’m excited to be able to serve the Lord in the capacity as a minister of His Gospel. God is truly blessing our churches.

More later when I catch a second wind.


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