November 2007 Linn County Leader Column – “A Season For Everything”

I was grieved and saddened this past week to preside over the funeral of the father of one of my parishioner’s; likewise, on Thursday of that same week Jeannie and I sang at the funeral of a longtime friend of her family’s. She was my wife’s “second” mom growing up, and spent many hours at her home.

Both of these events touched our hearts in many ways and served as a good reminder of how precious and fleeting our lives are, and how often we take them for granted. None of us are promised tomorrow; in an instant some tragic accident or health issue can bring our world crashing down around us and when circumstances like these arise, one of the first places we turn to is God. And one of the first things we ask of Him is, “Why?”

That’s a really tough question, and one that doesn’t have a simple, nor easy, answer. There are things that happen in our lives that defy human explanation and leave us scratching our heads, dumbfounded and feeling lost. We try desperately to find an answer in our own power and mindset, without turning to the One who has ALL the answers, even as difficult as they may be to hear sometimes. We want to have all the solutions to those problems that are just out of our reach.

My friends, none of us can begin to fathom the depth of “why God does what He does”. There is a reason for ALL things, and a “season” for everything. The Bible tells us that in the first few verses in the third chapter of Ecclesiastes; it’s hard reading, to say the least. Those words reiterate our own mortality and teach us the valuable lesson that, no matter what, God is always in control. He knows what is best in, and for, our lives. He helps us to deal with the heartaches, grief, and the losses…but He also gives us joy, happiness, peace, and comfort to help us keep pushing on towards the mark for the prize of the high calling in Christ.

I think perhaps the greatest gift that God revealed to me during this past week was that His Grace was sufficient for me; that in my weakness, He indeed could make me strong. For, you see, I was very ill on Sunday evening and was up all night with a stomach virus; when Monday came bright and early, I was so weak that I could barely stand, and it took every effort to get dressed to go to the funeral. Yet, I asked God to give me His strength for His Will to be done; and don’t you know that I was fine at the funeral, and at the graveside services in Browning. After that, Jeannie promptly took me home and put me in bed, where I slept until the next morning.

Amazing, isn’t it? I needed enough energy to get me through the services, and then the Lord gave me a “season of rest” to help me recuperate. I am ever-so-thankful that He can remind me of those little things from time to time. God is good…all the time!

Until next time, may the Lord truly bless you and yours richly!


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